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How To Make A Diaper Bouquet

Diaper Bouquet

My friend asked me to make centerpieces for her baby shower and of course I said yes! She’s having a girl! There wasn’t a theme to the shower, besides being pink. So, I began searching for ideas of cute things to make. It needed to be something that could be made ahead of time, so real flowers wouldn’t work. I also wanted to do something that would be useable after the shower. Something with diapers was the obvious choice – a diaper bouquet!

I thought it would be fun to do two different styles of centerpieces – diaper bouquets and diaper cakes. To be honest I couldn’t really come up with a vision when I started, so I made up the design as I went. I needed to make 8 total pieces, so at least I had a starting point there. I’m going to show you here how I made the flower pot bouquet diaper cakes!

Supplies To Make a Diaper Bouquet

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I linked similar items to what I used here, but many of these items you can probably find in a local dollar store!

To get started, roll up your diapers and secure with a clear rubber band around the center. You could also tie ribbon around the middle if you don’t have the rubber bands. Roll with the waistband end first to give a more finished look.

Supplies laid out for diaper bouquet
Black plastic plant pot

To get this project started, I cleaned the plant pots with some dish soap and then let them thoroughly dry. I then applied a coat of primer to the outside of the pots to help the paint stick better. You could always scuff the plastic up with sandpaper before priming. I skipped this step because I didn’t expect the pots to be saved, so I wasn’t worried about long term adhesion.

Painted pink plant pot

Next, I painted the pots in a bubble gum pink color. The paint I used was a Behr sample I had left over from another project. It took 3 coats to get an even, full coverage look.

Hot glue foam blocks into painted pot

After the paint is dry on the pots, hot glue the foam blocks onto the inside bottom. Depending on the size of the pot you use, you may have to stack blocks together for more height. The foam will act as the base for the sticks to hold the diapers. Next, take a diaper and place a small piece of tulle underneath. Insert a stick into the center of both. I actually found it easiest to place the sticks in first, then add the tulle and diaper after.

Diaper bouquet assembly in plant pot

After you have a full bouquet, you can fill in any empty spaces. Stick small pieces of tulle inside around the edge of the pot. Then, add strips of tulle and curled ribbon in-between the diapers. Last, add faux flowers for an extra pop of color. I tied a ribbon around the center of the pot and they were ready to go!

Diaper bouquet in plant pot for baby girl shower

The diaper bouquet in the plant pots looked great on the tables at the baby shower! I also made a few little diaper cakes as decoration too. There are 3 main reasons why these are great for centerpieces. 1 – They are low so you could still have conversations across the table. 2 – They are easy to make before-hand and save till the day of the shower. 3 – They are actually useable and won’t get thrown out afterward.

Diaper cake in pink for baby shower

I hope you are inspired to use some old plant pots to make some fun centerpieces. As always, if you make any fun projects, I would love to see. Reach out to me on instagram or you can contact me here!

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How To Turn A Spice Jar Into A DIY Vase

DIY Spice Jar into Flower Vase

Spice jars are something I never really consider upcycling. If yours are anything like mine, they are usually still half full when the contents get hard and become unusable. Somehow this one empty container sitting in the recycling bin sparked my imagination. I knew it was just calling to be turned into a diy vase!

Spice Supreme Garlic Salt Container

This post contains affiliate links which means at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of the links. It helps me keep creating and sharing fun products, so Thank You!


  • Empty Spice Jar, cleaned and dried
  • Spray Paint in Color of Choice – I used Rustoleum Black
  • Cord or Rope
  • Gorilla Glue or other type of strong glue

To start, I peeled the label off and thoroughly cleaned the jar to remove any glue or dirt. Then, I spray painted the container. I only worried about completely covering the top and bottom sections. The middle will be covered up with the cord.

Spray painted spice jar, cord, and Gorilla Glue

After the spray paint dried, I begun gluing cording around the jar. I used the Gorilla Glue Gel to securely attach the rope. The “gel” version does dry pretty quick, but you still need to have a bit of patience wrapping and gluing. If you need to move a little faster, try using a glue gun instead.

Gluing cord around spice jar

That’s it! I added some tiny flowers I found outside, but this would also work for a propagation jar. There are endless design choices you could make on this spice jar vase idea. It can be painted any color and wrapped with any style ribbon. If you are inspired to create something similar to this DIY vase, I’d love to see – tag me on instagram or send me an email!

Finally Result of the DIY Vase – Spice Jar

Spice jar wrapped in cord for an upcylced flower vase
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Easy DIY Christmas Planters for Your House Plants

Featured Image for Christmas Planters

Christmas is right around the corner and as all the holiday decorating is beginning, we certainly don’t want to leave our plants feeling un-festive.  I put together two ideas for DIY Christmas Planters you can make to add some spirit to your plants.  I partnered with American Plant Exchange for this project to feature their Spruce and Norfolk Pine trees – both perfect for the holiday season!

DIY Santa Suit Planter

First up is the Santa Suit Planter!  The cool thing about this is that it’s just a wrap around the plastic pot the plant comes in.  I wanted to make it this way so it was easy to remove and store after the holidays.  I am using this as a tree skirt for the Colorado Spruce tree because it’s going to be my mini Christmas tree.

Santa Planter with American Plant Exchange Plant
Santa Planter Supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Colorado Spruce Tree (or holiday plant of your choice)
  • 2 Red Felt Sheets
  • Sparkly Foam Sheet (similar one here)
  • Furry White Trim – length depends on pot size.  1.25 yards should be enough.
  • Black Velvet Ribbon
  • Hook & Loop Tape (Velcro)
  • Glue (either hot glue gun or Gorilla Glue)
  • Red Thread and Needle

To start, measure the height of the pot you will be wrapping and add an extra quarter inch.  Cut the sheets of the felt to that measurement.  For wider pots, you may have to glue 2 pieces together so the wrap goes all the way around.

Measuring Felt
Fit Felt Around Planter

Next, fit the felt around the pot and leave an extra inch of overlap, cut the rest off.

Then, attach the Velcro to both shorter sides of the wrap.  Glue and stitch it into place for extra strength.

Red velcro on red felt
Gluing white trim

Next, glue the white furry trim down the center.  If you had to glue two pieces of felt together, glue the trim on the seam to hide it.  The bottom white trim can then be glued along the bottom seam.  Tip: pull back the fur to expose the band and get a clean, mess-free cut.

Then, secure the black trim next right across the middle.  Cut it at a length so it does not go over the velcro. 

Black velvet trim
Glittery Santa Belt

The last piece needed to complete this Santa suit is the shiny buckle.  Measure the height of your black belt ribbon and use that as your starting point.  Make a square on the backside of the foam using that measurement.  Add ¼” around the entire piece and cut out the center square, leaving just the outside buckle.  Glue the buckle in place over the black belt.

Finally, add your plant to this Santa Suit and enjoy a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Santa Planter with Tre

DIY Reindeer Planter

The second of the DIY Christmas Planters features the Norfolk Pine from American Plant Exchange. This one’s going to get a cute red-nose reindeer planter! This planter is simple and fun to make so it’s the perfect way to decorate for the holidays without buying a new expensive pot for the season.

Reindeer Planter Closeup

Supplies needed:

  • Terra cotta or brown pot large enough to fit plant
  • Norfolk Pine (or holiday plant of your choice)
  • Large red pom pom
  • Sheet of thick foam in beige (for antlers)
  • Sheet of brown foam in similar color to pot (for ears)
  • Black paint
  • White Paint
  • Red ribbon or felt (for collar)
  • Small bells in color of choice
Foam Antlers Being Cut Out

First, you’ll need to cut out a set of antlers.  If you can find thick foam, that would be best, but you could also glue several pieces of thinner foam together to make it stay rigid.  Here is a template you could print out and use.  These antlers were cut out with a craft knife, so they are rough around the edges.  A hot knife may allow for smoother cuts.

Since they are thicker, you can use glue to attach these right to the sides of the pot and they will keep their shape.  Make sure you attach them evenly on both sides so they don’t look lopsided.

Gorilla Glue Foam Antler
Paint Reindeer Planter Eyeballs

Next, you’ll paint on the eyes.  For symmetrical eyes, create a template on paper first so you can trace it.  Give the eyes whatever expression you are feeling!  Search online for ‘cartoon eyes’ to get some fun ideas if you need inspiration.  Paint 2 coats of the white background of the eyes first.

Then, add 2 coats of the black area.  Finally, use a cotton swab to create the small white dot for the extra detail.

DIY Reindeer Planter Eyeballs
Red Pom Pom Nose

Once the eyes are dry, glue on the big red pom pom for the nose.  

Now the reindeer is starting to come together, but it’s still missing the festiveness.  A bell collar is just what it needs!  Cut a strip of felt or ribbon to fit around the base.  Then, stitch small bells around with even spacing.

Making reindeer collar
Gluing collar onto pot

Finally, you’ll glue the collar around the bottom of the pot.

Now it’s time to add your plant to it’s new holiday home!

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How To Decorate Your House Plants For Halloween

Planter wrapped to look like mummy

Don’t let your plants miss out on the Halloween fun. Here are some cool ways to decorate your plants for Halloween!

Plastic skull with air plant eyes

Make a spooky fun air plant holder by cutting the eyes out of a plastic skull and sticking air plants in there.

Ping pong ball eyeballs in plant for Halloween

You might be creeped out by this one … eyeballs in your plant! These were made by poking bamboo skewers through ping pong balls.

RIP tombstone with dead air plants to decorate for Halloween

It happens to the best of us – our plants die. So, might as well incorporate them into your Halloween decor. The tombstone is made out of cardboard and only took a minute to make.

Eyeballs glued around planter in hand

Try some DIY eyeballs on a planter. This one was made by painting the top of acorns. There is also glow in the dark paint on them for some extra spookiness.

Plaid bow on front of brown planter for decorating your plant for Halloween

If you want to keep your Halloween decorations more classy, try adding a pretty bow to your pots.

Holding decorative cabbage plant with mummy face design on planter for Halloween

Make your nursery pots more fun by wrapping them in white fabric or bandages along with some googly eyes to make a silly mummy for your Halloween porch.

P.S. If your looking to add a snake to your collection, check out Carter & Rose’s, like this one. It’s pretty enough that it can be left out all year, but can be played up to be a slithery snake when you decorate your plants for Halloween!