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The 5 Best Skull Plant Pots for Halloween

There is something so intriguing about the combination of decorative skulls and greenery. Plants definitely add some life, so skulls are an awesome holiday addition to your plant collection. Here are 5 cool skull plant pots that you may want to add to your Halloween decor.

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If you’re looking for other Halloween decoration ideas to incorporate with your plants, check out some ideas here.

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The 10 Cutest Gardening Shoes for 2022

Best Gardening Shoes

Rubber boots and clogs are my footwear of choice after work in the summer. They are easy to slip on, quick to clean, and perfect for all the outdoor chores. I have several pairs of rubber shoes, but I realized that are all solid black or blue. I have no cute garden shoes. So, I decided to check out what’s out there so I can add some style to my chores.

After some extensive online shopping, I found a nice mix of taller boots, low boots, and slip on style shoes. Even though rain boots are not technically for the garden, I love wearing them for yard work. Since they don’t allow dirt in, I find them more suitable for some tasks than a clog style shoe. While I have several tall boots in my closet, I recommend the shorter versions for the summer heat to allow your legs to breath easier. Here are my favorite shoes for yard work that are available now.

This post contains affiliate links. At no cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you!

Booties & Boots For The Garden

Yellow Bee Joules Boot
Shop It Here: Joules Bee Print Boot
Blue Muck Boot Garden Shoe
Shop It Here: Blue Muck Boot
The Sak Floral Bootie
Shop It Here: The Sak Floral Bootie
Shop It Here: JBU Floral Boot
Mint Green Hunter Rain Boot
Shop It Here: Hunter Boot

Clogs & Slip-On Shoes For The Garden

Animal Print Crocs
Shop It Here: Animal Print Crocs

Those are my 10 favorites right now. Let me know what shoes are your favorite and what projects you have planned for the summer!

Now that you have some great options for cute garden shoes, I’m sure you’ll be finding all the projects to do out in the yard so you can wear them. Here’s an easy garden globe you can make to add some flair to your outside space. Click here to check out the garden globe project.

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Check Out Logee’s Greenhouses in Connecticut


Looking to go on a quick trip somewhere warm and tropical? Maybe a place that’s peaceful and relaxing? Well, I have the perfect spot forB you and it may not be where you think (but I’m sure you already know from the title haha). Check out my recent trip to Logee’s Greenhouses, the coolest plant place in Connecticut!

I figured I would start with a little background. Logee’s has been around for a very long time, it opened in 1892! The original business was for cut flowers, but it slowly evolved into a destination for cool and interesting plants. Its ownership has remained in the family and passed down through generations. You can read the full story on their website here.

There are 6 special greenhouses that make up Logee’s. They are mostly all connected allowing you to easily wander throughout. The greenhouses are The Fern House, The Lemon Tree House, The Big House, The Long House, The Potting House, and The Herb House. Ok, now onto the part we’re all waiting for … the photos!

Pink flowers growing on ceiling

As you enter, you’ll meander through the green-filled narrow aisles. Plants are literally growing in every inch of the space. You should look up and down low to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Greenhouse aisle
Orange plant hanging in Logee's Greenhouses

My favorite thing about walking through Logee’s is seeing all the details and textures in the leaves. It’s fascinating how many unique designs are found in the plants.

Pink textured flowers
Green leaves with design

Education is another thing you will gain from a trip to Logee’s. There are various signs in the property explaining plant care and techniques.

Air Laying Sign at Logee's Greenhouses
Air Layering technique

If you want to see more of Logee’s Greenhouses, check out my quick walk through video here!

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Where to Find The Best Plant Watering Cans

Plant Watering Cans

Our pots and accessories are just as important as our plants, so they need to be just as pretty. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding nice watering cans. I searched the internet to find watering cans you can find right now for under $50. Here’s the best ones I found!

Images found in this post are not mine – they are taken from the listing photos on other websites. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of the links, I may receive a small commission which helps me continue creating fun projects, so thank you!

If you are looking for a little extra watering decor, check out these fun stakes.

BigMouth Inc. Urinal Watering Stake
Urinal Watering Stake – Use code Repotted10 for 10% off your entire order!

If none of these watering tools catch your eye, I definitely recommend checking out the thrift stores. Remember to have an open mind and not just look for the typical watering cans. Here’s some of my tips for shopping the stores – Thrift Store Tips.

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The Best Themed Valentine’s Day Plant Pots

Valentine's Day Planter in Pink

You may often think of flowers, jewelry, and candy for Valentine’s Day, but plant accessories can be great gifts too. They incorporate into your decor, can be used year after year, and are just fun! Here are some awesome choices for the best Valentine’s Day themed plant pots you can gift a significant other or gift yourself.

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If you want to gift a pretty plant with your new planter for Valentine’s Day too, check out some options from The Bouqs Co. The Hoya hearts are an obvious choice for this day of love … but really they would be great for any day!(It’s important to point out that plants are living things that require care. Always think about that before giving a live plant as a gift.)

If you’re looking to get a little more creative than these Valentine’s Day themed plant pots, try making a heart plant wall, like this one below. Check out the details on how to do it here!

Red and pink hearts propagation wall for Valentine's Day
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The Best Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

It’s that time of year! That wonderful time when you may need some gift ideas for the plant lovers in your life (or lets be honest – ideas for yourself). I put together a gift guide for plant lovers to help you easily find some cool presents any plant person will love.

1. Garden Mug Accessories Set – This would be perfect for that friend who likes to wake up early and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in their garden.

2. Mug and Infuser Set (search Plants in search bar)- For the tea lover who cleans some leaves while waiting for the water to boil, this one’s calling their name. Use code Repotted10 for 10% off!

3. Plant Life Support – Are friends are back out and traveling again, so make sure they have the tools necessary to keep their plants thriving when they are gone.

4. Hanging Animals for Plants – These brass plated stainless steel animals are must haves for anyone’s home jungle.

Gift guide for plant lovers collage images 1

5. Grow Frame – Why not turn plants into a work of art with this simple frame with built in light.

6. Water Generating Planter – This thing is pretty cool! It uses condensed water from the air to automatically water the plant.

7. Garden Tote Bag – This is a perfectly cute cotton bag to hold all the gardener’s essentials.

8. Galvanized Watering Can – The combination of galvanized metal and copper is a so stunning, you’ll instantly be in a good mood watering your plants.

Gift guide for plant lovers collage images 2

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide for plants lovers! If you have any other ideas for cool gifts, I would love to hear about them. Email me via the contact page.

This post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase through links.

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Where to Find The Best Gardening Hats

Kerry in yard wearing brown hat

Summertime is here and that means more time doing all of our favorites activities in the sun. We cannot wait to get out in the garden, start doing outdoor chores for the house, or maybe work remotely from our deck. With all the excitement of the warmer weather, it’s easy to overlook an important accessory that is especially crucial during the summer. I consider gardening hats the most important accessory needed for summer time activities. It not only helps protect your face from the damage that can be caused by the sun, but a cute hate can make you stylish!

This hat is super cool! The braid detail is what initially caught my attention. But, upon further research I found the coolest feature of the hat. It’s foldable, so you can easily store or pack it!

This is a hat I personally have and I definitely recommend it! It makes me feel like the homesteader I want to be.

This Panama hat is perfect for all your summer activities, not just yard work. This is your hat if you want something to wear at the beach, while in the garden, or while just sitting on your deck.

Even those this hat is technically for men, I love the color and totally think it could be unisex.

A visor is a great choice because it will allow you to pull your hair up away from your neck.

Wide brim gardening hat with chin tie
Wide Brim Hat

This is another great hat option because of the tie for your chin. Sometimes there is a little wind and you don’t want to keep messing with your hat when you have dirty gardening gloves.

If your looking for some fun accessories for your garden space, check out these birdhouses! You can wear one of your new gardening hats while out watching the birds too. It will be perfect!

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Cute Birdhouses You’ll Love From Online

Watering Can Birdhouse

Birds need somewhere to hang out too, so why not give them something fun. I searched the internet to find some fun and cute birdhouses that will be a great addition to your yard! These novelty designs would definitely make you smile every time you saw them. But, before we dive into all the adorable places for the birds to live, I thought I’d sneak in some education.

Birdhouse Hole Sizing

Did you know – not all birdhouses have the same hole size? The hole size attracts certain species to the house and provides comfort in them entering and exiting. I actually learned this from a co-worker and couldn’t believe it, so had to do more digging.

A hole too small could cause a bird to get stuck or damage their feathers. A hole to large leaves nestlings vulnerable to attack or some less-pleasant birds getting in and causing havoc. You can find many charts online, such as this one, that have precise dimensions for the desired birds.

Pretty Birdhouses And Where To Purchase

This post contains affiliate links which means at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the links!

A watermelon bird house – how cute for summertime! I love how the slice perfectly creates an A-frame home.

How adorable is this ice cream truck! All it’s missing is a little ledge to hold some treats for the birds.

This country store is a must for your farm. All the little details are just too perfect. This birdhouse makes me want to have a whole bird village!

Birds can go on vacations too right? Well I’m sure they will love making this cute little camper their new quaint home while visiting.

If the birds aren’t looking for a camping adventure in the camper birdhouse, maybe they are looking for a tiki bar to hang out at. This one has cold beers ready for them when they arrive!

This birdhouse is the one I would want to live in! I love the potted plants hanging out front and the moss green shingle roof!

Now this is one of the birdhouses you need if you’re a major plant lover!

How could this not be a top pick. If you put it on a tree close to your door, you would have a guaranteed smile everyday!

This little gardener gnome is too cute! I love the idea that the little bird would be sticking his head out of the beard.

Last but certainly not least of the best birdhouses, is this potting shed. I’m kind of jealous, I want this in human size!

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The Best Planters and Plant Stands From Target in 2021

Black and Gray Planter from Target

I strolled through the outdoor garden section of Target the other day. It’s still a bit early in the season, but that’s not going to stop us from getting some new accessories, right! There was a decent selection of planters and plant stands in store, but I checked out to find even more. I picked out a few of my favorite Target planters and stands to showcase here.

This post contains affiliate links which means at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the links!

Concrete basket planter from Target
Concrete Basket Planter – Available in store.
Target Earthenware Floral Planter
Earthenware Floral Planter – Available in store.
Target terra cotta and rattan planter
Terra Cotta and Rattan Planter – Not sold in stores.
Target textured ceramic planter
Textured Ceramic Planter – Available in store.
Target three-tier plant stand
Three-Tier Plant Stand – Not sold in stores.
White planter with black stand from Target
White Planter with Black Stand – Available in store.
Target planter with metal stand
Planter with Metal Stand – Not sold in stores.
Target striped gray planter
Striped Gray Planter – Available in store.
Rattan planter basket from Target
Rattan Planter Basket – Available in store.

I noticed the color palette was very neutral, so if you’re looking for fun or bright colored accessories, Target may not be your best bet. What you can find is very stylish and trendy pieces at moderate prices. The stock in store seemed very limited, so I would recommend buying online for in-store pickup if something catches your eye. I hope you love the Target planters and plant stands I showcased and are excited for spring! If you’re looking for some more options, you can check out the selection from Lowe’s here.

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Cute American Made Ceramic Snake Air Plant Holder

Brown ceramic Air Plant in hand

I’m definitely an animal and nature lover, but I don’t always want some creepy crawlies in my house. Snakes, spiders, mice – all those I will gladly escort back outside. There are exceptions to everything, and I found a little snake friend that I want right besides me always! This ceramic snake air plant holder has so many possibilities, whether you incorporate it with your plants or use it on it’s own as a decor piece. You can even get a few to have a little snake family!

This versatile handmade ceramic snake air plant holder needs to be in everyone’s homes. This is Selma, but she also has some siblings in different colors that are equally as attractive. Carter & Rose is the brand behind these adorable creatures. Anna, the artist and maker behind the brand, creates her products out of a studio in Portland, Oregon. All the items are handmade, which means they each come with their own subtle differences and uniqueness. Anna believes that handmade products have more personality and tell a story, and I have to agree with her.

Styling Inspiration for Your Ceramic Snake Air Plant Holder

A piece this gorgeous can easily be display on its own. You can have it sitting on a desk, windowsill, or (if you won’t jump out of your bed when you see it in the morning) night stand.

Have a collection of air plants? Why not gather them all together in a bowl and have the snake in the center so it looks like it’s crawling through the jungle.

Another option is to place it right in your planter or maybe it’s able to wrap around the base of a smaller plant.

The possibilities are endless when the piece is so stunning! You can pick a Carter & Rose ceramic snake up for your home from their website