Watering Can Birdhouse

Cute Birdhouses You’ll Love

Birds need somewhere to hang out too, so why not give them something fun. I searched the internet to find some fun and cute birdhouses that will be a great addition to your yard! These novelty designs would definitely make you smile every time you saw them. But, before we dive into all the adorable places for the birds to live, I thought I’d sneak in some education.

Birdhouse Hole Sizing

Did you know – not all birdhouses have the same hole size? The hole size attracts certain species to the house and provides comfort in them entering and exiting. I actually learned this from a co-worker and couldn’t believe it, so had to do more digging.

A hole too small could cause a bird to get stuck or damage their feathers. A hole to large leaves nestlings vulnerable to attack or some less-pleasant birds getting in and causing havoc. You can find many charts online, such as this one, that have precise dimensions for the desired birds.

Pretty Birdhouses And Where To Purchase

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Cute Watermelon Birdhouse
Watermelon Bird House

A watermelon bird house – how cute for summertime! I love how the slice perfectly creates an A-frame home.

Ice Cream Truck Birdhouse with Colorful Designs
Ice Cream Truck Birdhouse

How adorable is this ice cream truck! All it’s missing is a little ledge to hold some treats for the birds.

Funny Country Store Birdhouse
Country Store Birdhouse

This country store is a must for your farm. All the little details are just too perfect. This birdhouse makes me want to have a whole bird village!

Camper Birdhouse with Small Chairs
Camper Birdhouse

Birds can go on vacations too right? Well I’m sure they will love making this cute little camper their new quaint home while visiting.

Beachcomber Birdhouse
Beachcomber Birdhouse

If the birds aren’t looking for a camping adventure in the camper birdhouse, maybe they are looking for a tiki bar to hang out at. This one has cold beers ready for them when they arrive!

Adorable Watering Can Birdhouse
Watering Can Birdhouse

This birdhouse is the one I would want to live in! I love the potted plants hanging out front and the moss green shingle roof!

Succulent Birdhouse
Succulent Birdhouse

Now this is one of the birdhouses you need if you’re a major plant lover!

Taco Truck Birdhouse
Taco Truck Birdhouse

How could this not be a top pick. If you put it on a tree close to your door, you would have a guaranteed smile everyday!

Gnome Birdhouse
Gnome Birdhouse

This little gardener gnome is too cute! I love the idea that the little bird would be sticking his head out of the beard.

Donut Birdhouse

A donut hanging from your tree will certain turn heads and hopefully but some smiles on faces!

Potting Shed Birdhouse
Potting Shed Birdhouse

Last but certainly not least of the best birdhouses, is this potting shed. I’m kind of jealous, I want this in human size!