Chillhaus3D propagation station

Meet A Maker – Chillhaus3D

3D printing has become increasingly popular for plant accessories. The material is often light weight and comes in many colors making it ideal for interesting shapes and designs. One design that I fell in love with is a 3D printed propagation station from Chillhaus3D. It has a modern take on a vintage shape.

The brains behind this cool piece and Chillhaus3D is Anthony. He is based out of New York City, USA. Although he has been experimenting and creating with all different materials for a long time, he only started working with 3D printing in 2016.

Image from ChillHaus3D Instagram

Anthony comes up with ideas and then sketches them in a 3D program. Each small propagation station takes about 2 hours to make. A more complicated piece like the monstera leaf takes up to 6 hours. After they are made, each piece is sanded down to give them the final touch.

Check out some of the 3d printed propagation station pieces by ChillHaus3D on Etsy here!

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