How To Turn A Frame into A Plant Propagation Station

I found a 3 section photo frame at the thrift store and envisioned it turning into a propagation station or vase display. The frame is about 2″ thick so at first I thought I would rest small jars on the ledges, but then I realized that would be too risky. I decided that a hanging solution would be best.

Thrifted wooden frame from Goodwill with 3 sections

After removing the hardware on the back, I sanded down the piece and stained it with Minwax Ipswich Pine. I painted the inner box pieces white for a nice contrast. Then I cut a piece of wood to fit the 3 back openings and painted them black. Everything was coated with a polyurethane for some extra protection.

Since I added the extra wood for the backing, it was a little thicker than the original design. I decided to glue the pieces together instead of just using the photo clips on the back because they didn’t feel as secure. Then, I screw small eye-hooks into the top of each section and used pliers to slightly pry them open. This allows for the jars to easily be taken on and off.

White flowers hanging in frame

For the vases, I found small bottles from Hobby Lobby with a wire hanger already attached that work perfectly (Find them here). I had to cut the wire shorter to allow them to properly fit in the space, but they worked perfectly.

Upcycled photo frame into plant hanger

I love how this piece ended up in a farm house style. The contrast of the black, white, and natural wood is so striking to me. With some green leaves propagating in the vases, it will be such a pretty frame propagation station!

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