Valentine's Day Plant Wall Decor

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Plant Wall Decor

Incorporating plants into your holiday decorations is so much fun! It’s a way to keep your decor fresh and constantly be challenging your creativity. If you’re wondering how to decorate for Valetine’s Day, this project may be what you’re looking for! After moving a shelf to a different room, an empty wall space cleared up in the house. It was the perfect spot for a temporary Valentine’s Day Plant Wall.

I wanted to do a propagation station with hearts and ended up finding all the pieces at Dollar Tree. My idea was to attach a mason jar to the heart, but have it be removable so it was easy to change out water.

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Heart plant propagation supplies

I started by pulling off the banner off the sign and removing any left over glue. It was pretty easy to get off, but any stubborn bits can be sanded off later. You can also find blank hearts like these to use. I know every Dollar Tree doesn’t have the same items always in stock.

Removing sign on heart from Dollar Tree

Next, I removed the ribbon and filled the holes in with wood putty. Then, I used an orbital sander to remove all the paint from the front. Don’t wear nice clothes while doing this, the dust was red and got everywhere!

Sanding Valentine's Day heart to remove red paint

After cleaning the dust off of the piece, I determined where I wanted to place the mason jar and marked two dots at the rim. I then drilled through those two holes. These holes will be used to wrap a twist tie around the mason jar.

Measuring mason jar placement on heart

You could use the front of back of the sign for your design. Since I wanted the vertical ridges as part of the design, I chose to use the front. First, I primed the heart, then painted the stripes alternating in red and pink. I didn’t like how the pink looked, so I ended up applying a fuchsia color on top of it. Then, I applied a layer of sealer on top for extra protection.

Using paint primer on heart
Painted heart for Valentine's Day in red and pink with foam brushes
Painting pink fuchsia on wooden heart

Once the paint dried, I glued one side of the magnet to the heart and the other to the jar using E6000 glue. Then I used a long twist tie through the holes to secure the jar to the heart. I wasn’t confident the magnets would be strong enough to hold the jars by themselves, so these twist ties were a back up (and they were definitely needed, cheap magnets are not ideal). The finishing touch was tying the ribbon in a bow around the neck of the jar.

I made a total of 6 hearts and painted each one a little differently so they looked more fun grouped together for my Valentine’s Day Plant Wall. This would be a fun project to do outside of the holidays as well with a generic shape wooden cutout! If you get inspired to create something similar, I would love to see what you come up with!

Red and pink hearts propagation wall
Valentine's Day plant heart with pothos plant

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